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Briefly in English


CEO Vilma Kröger, tel. +358 40 066 8211
COO Sari Kokkonen, tel. +358 44 036 3506

Development and innovation, training, and guidance services
Development Manager Kirsi Manninen, tel. +358 44 430 3283

Jobs and recruitment
Specialist Niina Argillander, tel. +358 44 036 3508


Savas Foundation (in Finnish: Savas-Säätiö sr, Savas)
is an expert in producing and developing housing services and daytime activities for people in need of support, mainly people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, people on the autism spectrum, and mental health rehabilitees. 

We are one of the largest service providers for people in need of support in the Savo region. The high quality of our services and their active development form the cornerstones of our operations. Our network of cooperation with the surrounding social and health care service network is extensive. We actively participate in the national and regional discussion regarding the structural change in intellectual and developmental disabilities care and related service procurement practices in order to promote high-quality housing for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We are a domestic, value-based operator. We provide services with the focus on our customers’ needs and opportunities.

Our work is guided by the individual characteristics and needs of our clients. We support our customers in inclusion and in living a full and dignified life. Our operations are transparent, and we communicate in an open and interactive way.

Housing services and daytime activities form the core of our services.

Our service homes and activity centres are located in the Savo region: Iisalmi, Kiuruvesi, Kuopio, Varkaus, Pieksämäki, Mikkeli, Mäntyharju and Savonlinna. We also produce housing support and guidance services and rent out supportive housing apartments for those looking to live more independently.

Our service homes are safe and cosy communities where each resident has their own private apartment. Residents have the right and the opportunity to influence community affairs and activities. Living in one of our service homes is based on a tenancy.

We take care of the individual needs of each of our residents with the aim providing them with an ordinary, smooth everyday life. In most of our service homes, residents have access to round-the-clock support. Some of our service homes provide temporary accommodation for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and people on the autism spectrum. These temporary housing services enable people that require support services to practice independent living without moving away from home permanently, which also supports the coping of families and family caregivers.

Daytime activities help to strengthen the skills that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities need in order to cope as independently as possible when it comes to day-to-day activities and promote social interaction and inclusion in society. Our daytime activities include our customers e.g., engaging in hobbies, outdoor activities, and going to work.


Our competent, motivated, and enthusiastic personnel is the foundation of our operations. We employ a large team of skilled social and health care professionals (e.g., Bachelor of Social Services, practical nurse, nurses, and care assistant).

Our training practices enable employees to update and renew their skills in a planned way, considering the needs of the Foundation’s services. Comprehensive occupational health care and activities that maintain fitness for work also promote well-being at work.

The Foundation’s management culture is egalitarian and enables every employee to participate in the decision-making. A well-functioning flow of information and arenas that enable employee participation are an important part of our management culture.

Is your heart in disability work? Do you want to develop your professional skills?
Are you interested in working as an instructor or unit manager in a multidisciplinary team?
Seize the opportunity, come work at the Savas Foundation!

We offer jobs for social and health care professionals and students of the field, ranging from short-term placements to permanent employment in several locations in Savo. We have opportunities for both full-time and part-time work, as well as temporary work. Doing temporary work during your studies is a good way to find employment in Savas either as a substitute or as a permanent employee after graduation. We also offer workplace training opportunities for students.

Are you interested in Savas as a workplace?

Contact: Specialist Niina Argillander, tel. +358 44 036 3508.
You can also send a free-form application by e-mail to:

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