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Briefly in English


Information about the Foundation

Savas was founded in 1989 to improve housing arrangements and day-time activities aimed at intellectually disabled in the region of Savo, Finland. The Foundation was established in order to find new possibilities to increase mainly housing services in the communes. In the 1990’s in Finland, as in many other countries, they wanted to improve the possibility of intellectually disabled adult to live in small units in their home communes instead of an institution. This possibility is assured by the remedial services.

The constructing of the Foundation’s units is financed mainly by the state’s apartment building loan and by the financial aid of Finnish Slot Machine Association. The Foundation is an independent (in contrast to e.g. communal) service producer and the services provided in the activity units are produced by the Foundation itself.

To live in our service home

Living in the Foundation’s service homes is based on a lease written out with the client and, on the other hand, on an agreement on the housing service arrangement made out with the client’s home commune. Other services than those directly linked to the housing are provided by the so-called basic services. The staffs of the service homes take, together with the client, care of all the usual home tasks like cooking, laundry, cleaning and other everyday house care. Guidance nearly linked to the housing and to life control in general is characteristic of the service activity, as well as education activity linked to coping with everyday life. Also the service homes’ own daytime activity support this life control process of the client. If possible, there are also different stimulation activities.

The residents pay the rent, the meal payments and the service fee for the other remedial services. The service activity is mainly financed by the residents’ home communes, which pay the daily service fee for each resident specified in the service agreement.

Information about the units

At the time being (2021), the Foundation maintains 17 service homes. In addition, in Kuopio, Mikkeli, Pieksämäki and Iisalmi there are six activity centres. The service homes can offer a home for even very seriously disabled persons.

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